3B Birdfeeder, Birdseed, Birdhouse Protector 16oz


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3-in-1 incredible multipurpose enzymatic cleaner. Cleans and removes dirt, soil, inanimate nutrients and organic particles that contaminate birdfeeders, birdseed and birdhouses. When birdseed is not cleaned away bacteria and mold can form which are harmful to birds. Our cleaner is all-natural and made with food-grade ingredients which are safe for birds, pets, and children.

Discover the power of enzymes with incredible 3B Protector!


Birdfeeder: remove all birdseed or nectar from feeder.  Add four ounces of #B to a pail of warm water.  Let birdfeeder sit in solution for 10-15 minutes, remove, let air dry before adding birdseed or nectar.

Birdseed: Lucratuvely soray over birdseed, this will ensure birds are not consuming any contaminated seed.

Birdhouse: After each fledging of young, remove nesting material, lucratively spray 3B Inside and Outside of the entire house.  No rinsing required. Should contaminates be found while egg or chicks are present, carefully remove them, remove all nesting material and spray entire house. Replace the old nesting material with new material and replace eggs and chicks.

3B Protector will remain for several months.

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