Healthy Pen 32oz Hose Spray


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  • Controls Odor & Waste
  • Provides for a Healthier Environment
  • For Pens, Coups, Villas or Lodges
  • Made With Natural & Safe Ingredients

1. Parasites such as: mites, lice, tics, and fleas, are common in coops and barns. These nocturnal parasites live in poultry enclosures where they actively feed on your birds at night.

2. Flies and mosquitoes are another constant nuisance. They carry deadly viruses and bacteria that can affect the health of your flock.

3. Ammonia (NH3) is extremely harmful to the respiratory systems of birds and is a byproduct of poultry waste.

Healthy Pen eliminates all of these problems in one simple product, providing you with much happier and healthier birds.

Our blend of all natural enzymes attacks parasites at all stages of life; egg, pupa, larvae, and adult.

We have also added our ingredient-Diatomaceous Earth (DE)- to create a protective barrier in and around your coup protecting your birds from insect pests for long periods of time. DE is made up of tiny silica shells that will slice the outer layer of the parasites causing dehydration and creating an environment they cannot live in.

Our mixture of Lemon Grass Oil and Geranium Oil are known repellents of flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests.

Our enzymes break the chain of NH3 (ammonia) and NH4 (ammonium acetate) then convert them to N (nitrogen) in a natural chemical process that neutralizes the toxic ammonia and its odor.

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