Lake Protector Concentrate 128oz


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Our strongest formula!

Do you have green or cloudy water? Do you have fish and wildlife in your lake?

Our Lake Protector Concentrate Enzymes are perfect for safely clarifying water with no disturbance to your fish and wildlife.

How it works- Think of enzymes like a fork and knife at the dinner table. Lakes have natural bacteria that break down sludge and algae but sometimes the sludge is too large or the algae is growing too fast for the bacteria to keep up. Our enzymes act like a fork and knife to break up that algae and sludge into smaller quantities that can quickly be digested by the natural bacteria. By combing our enzymes with lake bacteria and a filter pump, you create a strong biological filter which will prevent algae and keep your lake balanced and your water clear.

Ideal for lakes and large corporate ponds. Keeps water clean and clear while being safe for fish, amphibians, birds and aquatic plants. intended for bodies of water 50,000-500,000 gallons.

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Weight 280 oz
Dimensions 15.24 × 15.24 × 30.48 cm


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