Mosquito Free Water Tension Eliminator 16oz


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Eliminates water surface tension so mosquitoes cannot breed. Mosquitoes cannot land on water so they immediately drown before they can breed.

Mosquitoes: A Dangerous Nuisance

Mosquitoes and flies are known to carry & spread diseases such as the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and Malaria. In fact, mosquitoes lead to more human deaths around the world, every year, than any other animal. For the flies and mosquitoes which are not carrying any dangerous diseases, they can still be a constant nuisance to outdoor recreation & leisure.

How Mosquito-Free Water Works:

Mosquitoes will breed in any standing water including birdbaths, ponds, puddles, gutters, dog bowls, and old flower pots. These mosquitoes land on the water’s surface where they lay eggs and drink. Our product eliminates the surface tension on water, so when mosquitoes land they immediately sink. Because mosquitoes have a short lifespan and stay nearby to where they hatch, using Mosquito-Free Water can significantly reduce mosquitoes around your home.


Mosquito-Free Water is made with natural ingredients which are safe for children, pets, birds & fish. Other products to combat mosquitoes & flies are made with chemical pesticides which may be harmful to people & animals. We pride ourselves on providing natural products which are safe, effective, American-Made & affordable.

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