Reptile Protector 16oz Spray


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All Natural Terrarium Cleanerg


  • Mites
  • Parasites
  • Odor
  • E-coli bacteria
  • Eliminates Odor!

Reptile Protector- Is made with all-natural enzymes which repel parasitic insects while eliminating odor. Reptile protector can also be used to clean water bowls in terrariums!

Mites- Red mites effect the health and demeanor of reptiles by causing irritation & potentially spreading diseases. Our enzymes have been lab tested and proven to repel & combat mites along with other parasites, thus protecting your pet!

Odors- Our enzymes also speed up the breakdown of urine & fecal odors which soak into matting or wood-chips, this process eliminates odors while safely sanitizing enclosures.

Also works to clean water in partially aquatic terrariums for turtles & amphibians!

Our enzymes are guaranteed to be pet & child safe when used as directed.

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Weight 42.72 oz
Dimensions 7.112 × 7.112 × 24.13 cm


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