Sarcoid Cleansing Salve 4oz


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All Natural Herbal Relief that treats:

  • Verrucous Sarcoids
  • Fibroblastic Sarcoids
  • Accute Sarcoids
  • Non-Sarcoids During All Stages of Growth

Sarcoid Cleansing Salve – Our Salve is an all-natural herbal product designed to soothe hot spots and heal various forms of sarcomas. Non-burning, and effective at cleaning away the virus.  Also soothes cuts, abrasions before & after surgery to remove sarcomas. Safe to use on face, eyelids, genitals & other sensitive areas. Animal & human safe when used as directed. For more information visit and before & after photos visit Can also be used after surgery to prevent new sarcomas from forming!

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