Trough Protector for all Animals 33.9oz


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Trough Protector is for all domestic animals.

Because clean water is essential to the health of all animals.

  • Eliminates Ammonia & Ammonia Odor
  • Prevents Cross-Contamination
  • Prevents Film, Residue & Sludge
  • Ensures Clean & Clear Water
  • Breaks Down Organic Contaminants
  • All-Natural!

Trough Protector reduces how often water needs to be changed, reduces cleaning time, and is a safe alternative to harsh chemical products that are the current standard.

Our product is made with naturally occurring enzymes that are non-toxic & guaranteed pet, child & animal safe when used as directed.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 8.4328 × 8.4328 × 22.352 cm


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